• Saltwater Crocodile

    Scientific Name: Crocodylus porosus With its webbed feet and muscular tail flattened on both sides, the saltwater crocodile (popularly referred to as the ‘salty’) is able to propel itself through the water at surprising speed. The eyes and nostrils are on top of their head, allowing it to remain mostly

  • Freshwater Crocodile

    Scientific Name: Crocodylus johnstoni The freshwater crocodile generally only grows to around 2 metres, although some specimens will attain a length of 3 metres. The back of the crocodile is light brown usually with a number of black, irregular bands. The underside is creamy-white. They can be distinguished from the

  • American Alligator

    Scientific Name: Alligator mississippiensis The American alligator is extremely adept for a life in the water. The tail is flattened on both sides like an oar and is used to provide propulsion through the water. The nostrils are situated on a bump on top of the snout so that the