• Western diamond-backed rattlesnake

    Scientific Name: Crotalus atrox When the western diamond-backed rattlesnake is threatened, it will shake its rattle in warning. The rattle, which is at the end of the tail, is made from keratin, and each time the snake moults, a new segment is added. Although the bite of the western diamond-backed

  • King Cobra

    Scientific Name: Ophiophagus hannah One of the most imposing snakes in the world, the king cobra certainly lives up to its name. With lengths in excess of 5m and a body diameter of over 12cm, it is the longest venomous species of snake. When threatened, it follows typical cobra behaviour

  • Corn Snake

    Scientific Name: Elaphe guttata A tremendously variable species comprising many subspecies or races. The usual colour has a number of red-orange blotches on an orange-grey background colour combined with a black and white checked underbelly. Some forms have no blotches and instead are orange in colour with darker stripes running