Aussie Ark

Everyday Aussie Ark is fighting to ensure the Tasmanian Devil will not reach extinction. The threat of extinction being endangered is caused by an infectious cancer, devil facial tumour disease (DFTD).

Unfortunately, the wildlife community is still searching for a cure or vaccine for DFTD.  The only option to ensure the Tassie Devils survival in the wildlife  is from breeding programs like Aussie Ark.

The Tasmanian devil insurance breeding program run by Aussie Ark aims to maintain survival and sustainability of the species in the wild.  The program has a series of two six-hectare naturalistic enclosures with the majority of enclosures holding four breeding pairs of Devils.

The lack of exposure to humans means the devils maintain their independence like they would in the wild. Built in 2010 and located in NSW Barrington Tops, Aussie Ark is the most successful facility to date.

Aussie Ark is also part of the Save the Tasmanian Devil Program funded by the Tasmanian Government. The program aims to ensure 35 zoo breeding disease free Devils repopulate Tasmania once DFTD has run its course.


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