• Common Bronzewing

    Scientific Name: Phaps chalcoptera Common Bronzewings are medium-sized, heavily built pigeons. The male has a yellow-white forehead and pink breast. Both sexes have a clear white line below and around the eye and patches of green, blue and red in the wing, characteristic of all bronzewings. The Common Bronzewing is

  • Topknot Pigeon

    Scientific Name: Lopholaimus antarcticu The Topknot Pigeon is a large grey pigeon with a swept back crest that is grey in front and rusty red behind, giving the head an unique shape. It is darker grey above, with dark grey, rounded wings, and lighter grey below, with a pale tail

  • Blue-faced Honeyeater

    Scientific Name: Entomyzon cyanotis The Blue-faced Honeyeater is a large black, white and golden olive-green honeyeater with striking blue skin around the yellow to white eye. The crown, face and neck are black, with a narrow white band across the back of the neck. The upperparts and wings are a

  • Bar-shouldered Dove

    Scientific Name: (Geopelia humeralis) The Bar-shouldered Dove is a medium-sized, long-tailed dove. Adults doves have a blue-grey head, neck and upper breast, with a distinctive reddish-bronze patch on the hindneck, with dark barring. Young doves lack this patch and barring and tend to be duller overall. There is also a

  • Blue Winged Kookaburra

    Scientific Name: Halcyonidae The Blue-winged Kookaburra is a large kingfisher with a big square head and a long bill. It has a distinctive pale eye. The head is off-white with brown streaks, the shoulders are sky blue and it has a uniform blue rump.The throat is plain white and the

  • Musk Lorikeet

    Scientific Name: Glossopsitta concinna The Musk Lorikeet is a medium-sized, sturdy lorikeet, sometimes seen in large flocks when trees are flowering and often in mixed flocks with other parrots and other birds. They are active and noisy. This lorikeet is mostly green, with a yellow patch at the side of

  • Wonga Pigeon

    Scientific Name: Leucosarcia melanoleuca Did You Know? The wonga pigeon is usually heard rather than seen. It is quite a secretive bird but calls with a short, high-pitched ‘coo’, which is repeated every second or so for long periods of time. A beautiful, robust pigeon with a pastel blue-grey back,

  • White-headed Pigeon

    Scientific Name: (Columba leucomela) Did You Know? The white-headed pigeon has developed a particular fondness for the berries of the introduced camphor laurel tree. This has subsequently assisted with the rapid spread of this pest tree by the dispersion of seeds in the bird’s droppings. Only the adult male has

  • White-browed Woodswallow

    Scientific Name: Artamus superciliosus Did You Know? Huge flocks of woodswallows form at certain times of the year wandering far and wide in search of food. In good seasons, nesting colonies may be formed where several pairs may nest together in a single tree. A subtly attractive bird with pastel

  • Scaly-breasted Lorikeet

    Scientific Name: Trichoglossus chlorolepidotus Did You Know? Huge flocks of scaly-breasted and rainbow lorikeets congregate at favoured roosting sites at certain times of the year. Thousands may converge in one tree at dusk in a noisy but colourful spectacle. Needless to say, it is not advisable to walk beneath these