• Dingo

    Scientific Name: Canis familiaris dingo Proudly Sponsored by Kaeden Easton, Ourimbah, NSW Mathew Curth, Yarrawah, NSW Bailey Green, NSW Lorna and Ashley Rushman, Crawley, England Kaeden Easton, Ourimbah ETHAN PINCOTT, Sydney Rozalie Hardy, Morwell Did You Know? It is thought that the dingo has been almost solely responsible for the

  • Parma Wallaby

    Scientific Name: Macropus parma Proudly Sponsored by Sue Nolan, Bensville Did You Know? Parma wallabies were believed to have become extinct in the early part of last century. They were then discovered to be thriving on an island in New Zealand, where they had been introduced. Great efforts were then

  • Common Wombat

    cientific Name: Vombatus ursinus Proudly Sponsored by Alison Young, Goulburn, NSW Michael & Susan Tait, Kariong, NSW Joanne Brekelmans, Ingleburn, NSW Brett & Beck Eggleston (Jewellery on Argyle), Picton NSW Alison Young, Copacabana Shannen Hutcheson, Tumbi Umbi Mirella Baker, Port Macquarie Scott Green, Baulkham Hills Louis Gallagher, Luton, England Laura

  • Tasmanian Devil

    Scientific Name: Sarcophilus harrisii Proudly Sponsored by Karen Murray, East Maitland, NSW Brohdi Easton, Ourimbah, NSW Sean Riley and Jess Rope, Castle Hill, NSW Annie Medlicott, Ourimbah, NSW Daniel McCallum, Fountaindale, NSW Erin Medcraft and Philip Young, Goulburn, NSW Ann Clemens, Bateman, NSW Anne Miller, Woy Woy, NSW Karen Murray,

  • Eastern Grey Kangaroo

    Scientific Name: Macropus giganteus Did You Know? In good seasons it is possible for female kangaroos to have three offspring at different stages. An older joey spending its time out of the pouch, a 4-5 month old mostly in the pouch and an embryo in the womb in suspended development

  • Grey-headed Flying Fox

    Scientific Name: Pteropus poliocephalus Did You Know? Mothers returning to the roost after a nights feeding are able to locate their own offspring amongst thousands of other bats simply by their individual odour. Flying foxes are not related to foxes at all but are a group of bats with fox-like

  • Koala

    Scientific Name: Phascolarctos cinereus Proudly Sponsored by Class S10 Kurrambee School, Werrington, NSW Sienna Byrne, NSW Annie, Wamberal, NSW Thomas Norman, Gosford, NSW Mackai Robinson, Ottawa, Canada Gerd, Sydney Emily Wang, Brighton Le Sands Meg and Dave Anderson, Turner, Maine, USA Jane Harris, Gosford Juniors at Wadalba, Wadalba JUNIORS AT